Your guarantee for a safe transport of your cars

Welcome at Dennistrans, the sole proprietorship of Dennis Vandeputte. I’m specialized in international transport of all kinds of vehicles.

Auto Transport

Dennistrans is your partner for car transport in Europe. I transport new cars, used cars and damaged cars. Also special transports such as boats, camper vans etc. are possible.

Luxury cars and old-timers

For expensive cars there is room for one car completely protected against wind and rain on the truck. This way you are guaranteed that your car is being delivered in excellent condition.

Car salvage

I transport damaged and stranded cars and caravans within the whole of Europe. Therefor, I work together with different insurance companies. I also work privately commissioned.

Pickup and delivery

The vehicles are loaded with the greatest care and securely fixated. Safety and care for your car is our first priority!
I speak fluent Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish. Furthermore, I understand and speak a basis Italian. So pickup and delivery of the vehicles goes swiftly.

Import cars

I can arrange all customs formalities for imported vehicles. Preparing the inspection and deliver the car with rose form to the Belgian customer. I have a degree of technical knowledge garage owner / restorer. This can benefit you, as a customer, because I can do a checkup before loading.

Dennis Vandeputte

Our possibilities:

I own a truck for international transport which can carry up to six large trucks. For domestic transport I own a one-vehicle-trailer. Below is an overview of the possibilities.

  • 6 large passenger cars
  • 4 vans
  • mobile homes
  • caravans
  • trailers
  • motorcycles
  • boats on sled or trailer
  • jet skis
  • damaged vehicles

If you have questions about other type of cars, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Vandeputte Dennis
Verschen Dijk 3
8620 Nieuwpoort

Tel: 0032 498 22 86 22
Fax: 0032 58 231 241

BTW BE0679.135.701
Euro transportlicense: V24700

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